Three Pre-Schools in Tiptree

Tiptree has three pre-schools located in different areas of the village, the Baynards Site in Townsend Road, the Milldene Site in Barbrook Lane and at the United Reformed Church site in Chapel Lane. All three of the sites are independent of the schools in Tiptree.

Experienced and professional team

Our experienced and professional team is dedicated to providing the best possible care and education for children from the ages of 2 to 5 years old.

Ofsted registered

The Pre-schools are all registered with, and inspected by Ofsted.

Charity & Pre-School Learning Alliance

We are also a registered charity and affiliated to the Pre-School Learning Alliance

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Closure of the URC

On the 18th of December the Preschool Playgroup in the United Reform Church in Tiptree will close its doors for the final time. We cannot even start to express what a difficult decision this was; we tried everything we could to try and carry on until next April in the hope the funding would increase next year. But with spiralling cost, including the government increase to pension contribution, pays rates and business rates, (plus no guarantee the funding will increase) in the end, we really do not have any choice. It was a truly heart-breaking decision, but the committee could not have done anything more and no matter how many fundraising initiatives we tried these past two years, the income never matched the outgoings and the deficit grew larger each year.

According to Ofsted figures over 1000 small setting have had to close their doors in the last year alone, due to the Governments chronic underfunding. We are registered as a charity pre-school which means we not allowed to charge top-up fees the way the private nurseries can, so as a non-profit organisation, the funding we receive from the government and the funds from parents are the only constant income we have.  We have struggled through the past couple of years, thanks to the hard work and dedication of the staff and the generosity of the parents  towards our community fundraising events.

Our setting on Chapel Road has been through many changes over the years; starting in 1962 in the Congregational Church School Rooms, to being renamed as the United Reformed Church and moving into its current setting in 2003.  The setting has provided quality childcare and many memories for generations of Tiptree residents and the initial success of this setting is what led to the opening of Baynards and later Milldene. The staff are wonderful, passionate, experienced practitioners and are much loved by children and parents alike, they have been amazing during all the uncertainty adapting to different working patterns and cuts. while we have tried to retain as many as possible, we cannot keep them all; another reason it’s going to be very emotional farewell in December.

We are in the fortunate position that we had 3 setting in our group and have been able to offer places for the children at our other 2 settings, and we thank all our parents for their support during this difficult time.

We would like to thank the URC church, and everyone involved in providing us with a home for such a long time and for accommodating us so well. We also want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has worked for and with URC preschool, past and present.  An especially big thank you must be extended to our current staff who have been there consistently through all the recent changes and continued to provide the excellent care that we pride ourselves on.  Together we have made a difference and many happy memories for so many children.

We know there will be families who will struggle to find places for their children now we have closed one of our settings, and we would love one day we will be back up to 3 settings,  but for now we can only wait to see what the next budget will hold, and  hope that the powers that be will finally start to recognise this crisis and give a meaningful commitment to addresses the funding issue.

Registered Charity Number 1026184

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URC parents...
The Photographer will be coming in on Wednesday 27th November. If your child does not attend on this day, but you would still like their photo taken, please speak to Laura.

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Today we remembered the brave soldiers that keep us safe by making this beautiful Poppy Wreath & completing a 1 minute silence....yes we did manage to keep quiet!!

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Milldene phone line is not working. We are trying to fix the problem, but don't know if it will be fixed by end of session.
Please email if you need to contact the setting - ... See more