Our Pedagogy recognises what children know,understand & can do. We aim to provide for the characteristics of effective learning by observing how a child is learning and being clear about what we can do and provide in order to support each child to remain an effective and motivated learning.

Our Mission Statement

We are a child centered environment with an emphasis on learning through play.

We give our children the opportunity to explore new experiences, take risks and build confidence in a fun and safe environment.

We promote independence, resilience, persistence and social skills to foster high self esteem in our children. They learn to care about themselves and of others.

The History of Tiptree Pre-school Playgroup

The playgroup was started by Tiptree Residents Association in 1962, in the “Congregational Church School rooms”. The group was run by volunteers for about 2 years after which a committee was formed and Judy Lawrence was appointed as a paid supervisor.

To start with there were 4 sessions a week, this soon became inadequate so another group was formed, supervised by Nora Hayes, this group was based at The Tiptree United Football Club, in the social club building.

In the meantime another 2 sessions were opened at the Congregational Schoolrooms, a fifth morning and an afternoon, supervised by Margaret Saunders, who resigned in July 1976; the group was then taken over by Phyllis Woodiwiss.

Congregational Church becomes The United Reformed Church

The Congregational Church became The United Reformed Church, now commonly called “The U.R.C.”. The group moved to the new U.R.C. hall in 2003. Due to falling numbers, the URC site unfortunately had to close in December 2019.


The extra 2 sessions at the URC were moved to the Nursery Unit at Baynards Primary School in September 1978 where they expanded to 6 sessions. Lynne Wall joined Phyllis as co-supervisor ready for Phyllis’ retirement in 1998, Lynne was joined by Maggie Bishop, they were followed by Lynne Joiner in 2002. Carly Ford started as the new supervisor in September 2014.


Nora Hayes retired from The Football Club group and her deputy Jean O’Neil took over this group in 1988 and they moved to a classroom at Milldene Primary School in 1992, as the Football Club was not the most suitable place to have a group.

The Grove Road housing estate was built and Milldene primary school needed their classroom, therefore the Pre-School Playgroup committee purchased a second hand demountable classroom in 2002 with Jean and Beverly Dyer supervising. After Jeans retirement Bev took on the supervising role and a new demountable was installed during the summer of 2014.

Two Pre-schools to choose from…

We pride ourselves on a long and strong History with a President Janice and Vice President Phyllis who have a wealth of experience and passion to ensure our preschools have the children’s best interests at heart. We have dedicated staff who ensure the welfare and happiness of the children is of the highest and most of all enjoy watching the children develop ready for the school years ahead . We are fortunate to have our preschools located in different areas of the village and be independent from the primary schools themselves, therefore you can choose which of our preschool is best for you and your child.