School Lottery

Lets think what £1 a week buys us? A fancy coffee, A saturday or sunday newspaper, a scratchcard, a cheeky pint at lunchtime etc…

Now lets think if you spent that £1 on a ticket for the School Lottery you would be entering into a 2 draws a week, one with a chance to win £25,000 national prize and one draw where there is a guaranteed winner from the tickets actually sold at Tiptree Preschool! So the more people that join the bigger the guaranteed prize!

Not only that, your £1 a week will also be contributing to the running of the Preschool and benefiting children in your local area.

Now doesnt that sound appealing?

Plus! This half term The School Lottery has a very special prize – a family ticket to Harry Potter Studio’s Tour! So sign up now for your chance to win.

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