Committee, Roles & Responsibilities

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Registered Charity and Elected Committee

We are a registered charity Playgroup, run by an elected Committee of volunteers, mostly made up of parents/carers, family members of children attending our Pre-Schools. The Committee work in tandem with the Pre-School staff to ensure the smooth running of our Pre-School playgroups.


We depend very much on the goodwill of parents/carers and their involvement with the Pre-School whether it be helping out occasionally or joining our committee. Each volunteer member of the Committee will bring different skills which are invaluable to the running of our Pre-Schools. Committee members have worked, or do work, in various industries, however it is important to know that to be a committee member you do not need any direct experience to make a difference. Without the Committee the Pre-Schools would not be able to operate and would have to close.

Current Committee

A list of our current committee members can be found on the Charity Commission Website

Committee Responsibilities

The Committee is responsible for:
  • Working within our Governing Document
  • Are the employers of the staff but not responsible for the day to day running of our settings
  • Maintain and administer the finances
  • Ensure compliance with health & safety regulations
  • Keep up to date with written records
  • Comply with data protection procedures
  • Have a duty to safeguard children
All of the committee members are jointly responsible for making any financial or other management decisions. All of the committee/volunteers will have to have a DBS check. Only elected or co-opted persons can attend committee meetings. There should be a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 12 members including the Officers. The Officers: Chair, Treasurer, Secretary are the three main roles required on the Committee. These posts have a more defined role, some details of which are set out in the sections below together with some of the duties shared amongst Committee members.


The public face of the committee.
  • arranges and runs meetings
  • ensures any decisions are voted on and agreed
  • monitors decisions and implements action plans
  • has a second vote if votes are divided
  • is usually the line manager of the leaders
  • is usually first point of contact for management issues and liaising with staff
  • should receive a second copy of bank statements
  • signs off minutes of meetings, as an accurate record of what was discussed and agreed.

President and Vice-President

They are the founders of our Preschool Playgroups, and are seen by all the committee and staff as the most senoir members within our organsisation. They attend all the committee Meetings and Fund raising events and have a wealth of experience, and play a very active part in the running of Tiptree preschool Play group. They ensure and oversee that everyone is included in all the decision making and ensure the Tiptree preschool play group carry on providing a traditional and caring enviorment to the Children, and are there to help and give advise to parents, staff and Commitee members.


Keeps and maintains all financial records.
  • implements and reviews business plans
  • sets and forecasts budgets
  • provides a financial report at each committee meeting
  • issues and pays bills, invoices and collects fees
  • administers the free entitlement
  • banks fees and other monies
  • pays wages
  • securely stores bank statements/records
  • prepares Annual report and ensures accounts are audited and presented at AGM


Organises committee paperwork.
  • writes and receives letters on behalf of the committee
  • prepares and agrees agendas
  • takes, writes and circulates accurate minutes
  • may prepare the newsletter
  • informs regulatory organisations e.g. Charity Commission, Ofsted, Insurance of any changes
  • keeps copies of past meetings
  • securely updates contact details for committee members and staff
  • completes Essex Early Years Workforce audit
  • complies sufficiency data
  • returns data as requested by Essex Early Years or its partners
Note: an administrator may be employed to take on some of these roles.

Other Committee Roles

All members of the committee will be involved in decision making and share the responsibilities which may include: –
  • Staff liaison
  • Fundraising
  • Health and Safety
  • Premises
  • Marketing
  • Organising helpers for events

Committee Meetings

  • are held each month
  • all committee members are invited
  • invite staff to all or part of the meeting
  • agree an agenda
  • take minutes
  • keep meeting quorate
  • keep within a reasonable timescale
  • abide by the confidentiality and equality policies

Annual General Meeting

  • for committee, parents/carers, staff and the community
  • held once a year in order to re-elect and elect committee members
  • 2 weeks advance notice of meeting date should be given to the membership
  • Nomination forms distributed
  • to present an overview of the past year
  • to present examined/audited annual accounts
  • to readopt the constitution
  • to readopt or change the settings polices

Help is available

  • Committee Booklet.docx
  • Committee survival guide
  • Trustee welcome guide
  • Training courses
  • Pre-school Development officer
All to help give the committee confidence and opportunities, from small beginnings, you could find yourself taking a whole new direction in life.

Supporting Tiptree Pre-Schools

Your contribution will make a vital difference to the quality and continued success of our pre-schools, the common purpose and shared interest – quality care and education of your children. If you would like to feel that you are putting something back into our community and volunteer for the Committee in any role, no matter how large or small, please speak with your child’s play group leader or email us at