Baynards Preschool

Our experience with Baynards Preschool has been excellent. My daughter has been happy there for 2 years. She made a lots of lovely friends. Every day she went in happy and came home happy. Aunties that work there are very warm, caring and attentive. What I liked the best is that children are encouraged to be independent, there’s a lot of creative activities set up and the easy access to the garden. We also enjoyed all the extra activities that were organised for families such as the welly walk, meet santa, Easter disco etc. Thank you for fantastic 2 years!

Baynards Preschool

Thank you at baynards preschool.

My son has been attending since January 2020 and absolutely loves coming there.Even with all this pandemic he always asked to go to school to see aunty max and now aunty Kathy.

He has come on so much since January with his speaking and always comes out with the biggest smile on his face. From day 1 he and I have felt at ease with going to school and he has taken to it like duck to water. No thanks to the wonderful aunties down at Baynards. Thank you so much for everything you do in making the children and parents feel welcome

Baynards Preschool

My son has been in Baynards for 4 months now and he loves it. He has always struggled with being separated from me despite him attending a nursery from 1yr. That quickly changed and now he happily goes in and looks forward to going, all thanks to the love and personal touch shown by the aunties. We are really pleased with the range of activities and the progress he has made while at Baynards.

Milldene Preschool

Kathy and I were both so nervous on her first day at preschool, but she absolutely loved it and over the year I watched her grow in confidence and ability. She made lovely friends and the foundations were laid for her to start school with a smooth transition. The Aunties were so supportive of Kathy. A few years later when my younger daughter began at the same preschool I had none of the nerves about leaving her on her first day as I knew she would flourish and be safe in a happy and rewarding environment.