Our Preschool is a child centred enviroment with an emphasis on learning through play. We give our children the opportunity to explore new experiences, take risks and build on their confidence in a fun and safe enviroment. We promote independence, resilience and persistance. Our children learn to develop their social skills to foster high self esteme and to care about themselves and others.

We are a fully inclusive setting catering for each child's unique and individual needs.

Our positive and nurturing approach supports children to achieve their next step.

All of the Tiptree Preschool Playgroups are registered to receive government grants and are therefore inspected by OFSTED, the Office for Standards in Education.

OFSTED is responsible for standards in early education and inspects all nurseries and preschools and publishes the reports.

All of the Tiptree Preschool Playgroup’s have achieved an overall grade of GOOD for each setting in their latest inspections.

The inspection reports are available to all parents and each setting has their own report which can be downloaded here.


Baynards Site

 Ofsted Report Baynards

Milldene Site

 Ofsted Report Milldene

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